Jacques Tati
(from Mr. Hulot's Holiday)
A Film History
Jour de Fête / Il Postman (1947)

Sylvia And The Phantom (1950)
A young girl staying in a haunted family castle is wooed by the ghost of her grandmother's former lover in this whimsical French comedy. Jacques Tati and Odette Joyeux star. 93 min. In French with English subtitles.

Mr. Hulot's Holiday (1954)
Writer/director Jacques Tati introduced his most famous character, the always bemused and odd-walking Mr. Hulot, in this hilarious, nearly dialogue-free comedy. A peaceful seaside resort turns into chaos when Hulot arrives, working hard to relax. 85 min. Here is a write-up from a

Newspaper on the movie.

Mon Oncle (1958)
French comic genius Jacques Tati harkens back to the days of silent farce in this delightful look at one man's struggles against modern society, as Mr. Hulot tries to cope with life in his brother-in-law's fully-mechanized house while teaching some valuable lessons to his young nephew. 110 min. In French with English subtitles.

My Uncle (Dubbed Version) (1958)
Also available in a dubbed-in-English edition.

Playtime (1967)
Playtime is the epic of the modern world.

Traffic (1971)
The driving of a new, gadget-laden camping vehicle from the Paris factory to an Amsterdam auto show should be an easy task, but when Mr. Hulot (director/co-writer/star Jacques Tati) gets behind the wheel, the result is one comic calamity after another. Maria Kimberly, Marcel Fraval co-stars. 89 min. Dubbed in English.

Parade (1974)
Mostly silent comic gem, courtesy of France's legendary Jacques Tati, follows the misadventures of two children who go behind the scenes at a provincial circus. Director Tati also appears as a harried circus performer. 88 min. In French; no subtitles.