The Forbidden Planet


This page is dedicated to the worlds greatest science fiction movie, "Forbidden Planet".  There are screen captures as well as sound files of your favorite robot, Robbie!


Oscar: Best Film

Walter Pidgeon, Leslie Nielsen, Robbie (later starred in 2 episodes of Lost in Space and several other movies.

Here are some sounds from the movie:

Here are some screens

Professor Morbius (Walter Pidgeon)
The Defense of the Ship
Navigating - and changing flux
The Ship has Landed
The Residence on Altair 4
The Ship in Space
Robbie welcoming the "Gentlemen"


Altaira ordering her dress from Robbie


"You'll find the silver in the dining room, gentleman"


An Air Shaft in the Crell City


Part of the Crell City


Morbius demonstrating one of the Crell machines


The Crell Laboratory



United Planets Cruiser C-57D


Robbie posing


Another shot of the Ship


Here are some sound files:
Description Size
Robbie asking if 60 gallons of whisky is sufficient 27K
Robbie protecting "the residence" from intruders. 35K
Robbie in an affirmative mood. 20K
Morbius checking to see if Robbie understands the "simple blaster" that Leslie Nielsen uses. 50K
Robbie advising Leslie Nielsen that he does not use the oxygen on Altair 4 since it "promotes rust". 79K
Morbius: "The fool.  The medling idiot!" 19K
Robbies morning run of isotope 217 - about 10 tons of stuff. 79K
As Leslie Neilsen try's to gain entry into "the residence", Robbie has control of the situation. 31K
Robbie: "Pardon me, sir.  Stuff?" 26K
Robbie: "A genuine privilage, Commander." 34K
Robbie analyzing "whisky". 32K
Robbie: "That is correct, Sir.  For your convenience, I am monitored to respond to the name 'Robbie'." 54K


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