Dad and I play war games.  We used to play board games, and now we play PBEM games.  We focus on WWII.  This is a list of the games we have played:

Board Games

Before that, during 1990 and 1992 we played Third Reich in board format - from Avalon Hill.  Before that we played virtually every game under the sun including:

In 1992 through 1995 he and I played Pacific War, a 1,000 unit Board Game representing the US / Japan war.  Although I played as the Axis, and did more damage than the Japanese according to history, I was never able to invade Australia without denuding other areas and American economic might was the telling factor anyway.

We had planned to play another 1,000 unit Board Game (Barbarossa) from 1995, but work broke up the little party.

During 1995 through 1998 we played (by email) Panzer General (SSI) and then Allied General (SSI), and then East Front (TalonsSoft). We bypassed Pacific General (SSI) and Panzer General II (SSI) as they were crap and TalonSoft had already taken a technological lead over SSI by 1998 anyway.

Throughout 1999 onwards we dip into Talonsoft's Art of War.  Probably the best tactical WWII game ever made (to date).

In 2002 we undertook Uncommon Valor, as we await the first effectively computerized War in the Pacific. 

By the end of 2003 we had completed the first Uncommon Valor battle: Battle for the Coral Sea.  Here is the break-down of the result.  Then, late in 2003 and through the end of 2004 we undertook the main battle, for the south pacific.  Here is my original plan.  And here is the blow-by-blow account of what took place, though mostly from the Japanese view point.  This is the last plan (graphic) that took the battle to the allies and forced them to withdraw from the arena.

Through 2005 (and ongoing) we played Pacific War, the "big brother" to UV.  Here are the current files:

We await Road to Moscow.

Here is a list of PC Games: Past, Present and Future

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All rights reserved

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